The proud Licence holder of the lighting brand “ECE” (owned by the B.K. BIRLA Group), this lighting organisation of the K.V. GROUP was set up in 2002. A rapidly growing set up, it is presently engaged in the manufacture and marketing of Lighting and other allied Electrical Products under the competent and professional leadership of its Managing Director- Mr. VIVEK RAJ who leads by example.

Organic Farms

Organic Farms

We have certified Organic farms of more than 100 acres.

Organic farming is a growing  concept in India, it has been saving many farmer lives and gaining prominence with city dwellers. Thankfully, some have taken it upon themselves to produce or support farmers who produce crops without the use of genetically modified organisms, artificial fertilisers, pesticides and livestock feed additives. the best organic farm where you can get fresh, unadulterated produce from in India.

Today, this farm produce numerous varieties of fruits and vegetables that are supplied to select grocery stores and retailers, and exported beyond India.

KV Farms is a force to reckon with in the Indian organic farming industry, embarking upon a journey to transform the way our local farmers produce food. An organic farmer and self-described food connoisseur, he is a typical Delhiitewith an ingrained passion to reshape the flourishing food industry for a better future for consumers. It was his brainchild that gave birth to a network of famers to produce safe food for global consumers. Whilst turned out a couple of times, his determination and enthusiasm surpassed all the hurdles to emerge as an inspiring figure for many local famers to rethink their way of producing food. Breaking away from the shackles of traditional model of farming, KV Group has created a cohesive platform for participating famers to leverage their best resources to produce safe food for consumers. His philosophy is simple – to rigorously work to improve product quality to serve customers safe and healthier food. It is sustainably the right thing to do!


We work on the 3P Principle
Profitability for owners, Perfection in delivering a delightful stay, Persistence in Sales and Marketing. 

Our Mission is to become a premier hotel development and management company that consistently provides a superior guest experience by providing quality accommodations and exceptional customer service as well as to establish and manage a set of Hotels & Resorts, ensuring the highest levels of superiority in our service to our guests, while providing ever-increasing profitability and perfection, while also enabling persistent growth and development of both the hotels and its employees.

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